What Are the Correct Measurements for a Dartboard

As long as you follow these measurements, rest assured that you’ll be meeting professional standards as you take part in darting competitions among friends, or while practicing for an official competition.

The popular numbering sequence used for the standard dartboard is credited to a fellow by the name of Brian Gamlin. Mr Gamlin is said to have invented the 20 dartboard numbering system we use today in the year 1896.

If you hit the same number in the triple ring, you score triple of that number. It is divided into twenty numbered segments that resemble pieces of pie and are all the equal size. Each pie-like segment features a double ring on the outside perimeter of the scoring area plus a triple ring on the interior area. When you hit the field in a double ring that counts as a double of the number displayed on it.

Once you’ve recorded the right measurement, you can mark the throw line which is the oche. You can do this by dropping a string on the floor and measuring the distance from the face of the dartboard. Note: When taking these measurements, it’s imperative that you measure the distance from the face of the dartboard and not from the wall.

Once you are done, you simply roll it up and put it away and the dartboard remains fixed to the wall or behind your cabinet, until you decide to play again. If you setup your dartboard in an open space, a rubber mat is an ideal way to create a distinction between the the throw area and the rest of the floor space in your house.

Surrounds, also known as backing surfaces, include cork, carpeting, or plywood that has been covered in a black material. You can choose a decorative or functional backing material in this case, such as pallets, reclaimed wood or cork. The advantage with DIY is that there’s no limit as to how to sharpen darts creative you can get.

As such it was unfair for wheelchair players to be subjected to that same dartboard height. The wheelchair hanging distance that he proposed and that is used today is 4 feet 8 inches or 137 centimeters. The measurements are listed below in a more organized manner. For added confirmation the wheelchair dartboard diagonal measurement is exactly 9 feet or 274 centimeters.

This is different for electronic dartboard arachnid boards and the regulation size of most of these models is 15.5 inches. This is plenty big enough for electronic dartboard most home games and still gives you the chance to work on your aim. This means from one side to the other is 18 inches. The regulation size of a tournament bristle board is 18 inches in diameter.

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