3 Amazing Examples of Marvelous Marketing Management

There might be several reasons why students require professional online Marketing Management Assignment Expert from experts. For example, many pupils struggle with understanding the target audience, while some face difficulty in conjuring a solid marketing strategy. One of the best ways to resolve such problems is to learn by example by looking at some of the most successful & intuitive marketing campaigns ever.

This article lays down some fantastic examples.


  • The ‘Obama For America’ Presidential Campaign

The culmination of a charismatic human being, a strong message of hope and an effective & well-integrated modern marketing program, former US President Barack Obama’s successful 2008 campaign is a shining example of effective marketing planning & management.

Digital multimedia channels were employed extensively for maximum outreach; a potent combination of offline and online was used with long-form videos published across print, television and outdoor ads.

The Internet was the ‘CNS’ of the Obama campaign with an emailing list comprising more than 13.5 million members, 1800 videos on YouTube, creating one of the most popular Facebook pages and more than $500 million raised from online donations My.BarackObama.Com. Related Resource: mba essay writing service



Experts state that Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign was one of the first examples of effective & potent use of social media & the Internet for marketing & promotions.


  • GE’s Inspiring B2B Campaigns

Manufacturing firms often find it challenging to market the dull & monotonousness of their manufacturing pipelines and units.

General Electric’s perfect Instagram marketing campaign disrupted this trend. #geinstawalk utilized influencer and content marketing effectively and published remarkable pictures & videos of its factory complexes, plants, assembly lines, and much more. In addition, numerous images from multiple tours were posted throughout the campaign.

The results were instantaneous and extraordinary.

  • GE’s Instagram account garnered more than 8 million views.
  • Three million reaches were acquired per tour.
  • The account gained 3000 new followers.

And, all of the above was done without any sort of paid advertising. Ask any professional marketing management expert, and they will tell you that GE’s campaign involved excellent marketing management & planning done to a T. Related Resource: MBA assignment help


  • Coca-Cola’s Personalized Messaging

Here’s another example that can inspire your marketing management assignment essay writer or help you brainstorm your strategy.

Coca-Cola used personalization to get everyone talking about their new campaign and brand. The ‘Share A Coke’ campaign kicked off in Australia when the company encouraged customers to customize their coke bottles. One hundred fifty common names were put on bottles, and people of all ages were asked to share a Coke with a person having that labeled name.

The campaign soon turned viral and led to the sale of more than 250 million bottles & cans in Australia in the summer of 2011. The superbly successful campaign later spread to all the other markets of the Coca-Cola Company.


That wraps up this content. Hope the three examples help readers realize the power of proper marketing management and, if possible, act as sources of inspiration. Related Resource: Marketing Project Assignment

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